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Let's All Get Along

A refreshing family Bible study to help everybody cooperate more and complain a lot less!

Let's All Get Along is a step-by-step guide for teaching your kids WHY and HOW to love one another like Jesus loves us. Transform your family from BICKERING to BEST FRIENDS so you can finally ENJOY your kids more than you SCOLD them!

Hey, fed-up mom friend.

Are you sick and tired of hearing the kids bicker ALL DAY LONG?

* * * * *

Do they boss each other around, argue and compete over the dumbest little things, refuse to share ANYTHING, or freak out when "she touched my stuff!!" or "he called me a poophead!!!"

* * * * *

Yep. And let me guess. You've tried all the usual scolding and discipline and feel like it's gotten you NOWHERE. Why can't these kids just LISTEN and OBEY for crying out loud?

* * * * *

And how about all that mom guilt that creeps into your soul when you wonder why you can't just get your kids to love each other like YOU love them... and like JESUS desires.

* * * * *

In your weariest mom moments, do you ever question... Am I failing my kids? Or worse, am I failing God??

* * * * *

NOPE. You're NORMAL. And so are your kids. God has a ton of grace for all of us. So take a deep breath, momma. But know this: You DO NOT have to stay stuck in this trap of bickering, scolding, heartache and frustration. There is a way out.

* * * * *

What would it feel like to walk into your family room and see the kids playing together... WITHOUT FIGHTING?
Or to take a road trip with the kids in the back seat and hear them LAUGHING, not SNIPING?
Imagine entire days and even WEEKS free from constant squabbling and whining. PEACE and HARMONY in your heart, soul, and home! Is it really possible?? 


Let's All Get Along will show you how.

What you'll gain from Let's All Get Along:

* * * * *
BREAK FREE from dead-end lectures by passing the buck onto the Bible.

Getting along isn't just Mom and Dad's idea; it's God's! Teach the kids what HE says about family and WHY it's important to live in HARMONY!

* * * * *
Enjoy built-in activities designed to HELP YOUR KIDS PRACTICE loving each other in action!

Let's be real; getting along is an acquired skill. Each lesson contains questions and activities to help your kids understand how to apply what they're learning to their everyday interactions. And all the work is done FOR YOU, so you don't need a ton of Bible knowledge in order to teach your kids how to love like Jesus loves!

* * * * *
Learn how to MASTER the MAYHEM with a special list of tips and tools just for parents.

It's a secret stash of tricks to keep up your sleeve, including proven systems for rewarding {and managing} the kiddos' behavior.

But that's not all! 

With the Intentional Parenting Bundle, you'll also get access to these helpful resources:


The 5-Day Cranky Mom Challenge

5 quick video lessons packed with biblical insight, mom mentor advice, and soul-probing reflection questions for your personal time with God.

DAY 1:
Think your kids are to blame for your crankiness? Discover the REAL culprit and how to SLAY it for good!

* * * * *

DAY 2:
Are you caught in a cycle of SHOUTING and REGRETTING? Learn my favorite trick for THINKING before SPEAKING!

* * * * *

DAY 3:
Need a break from the kids and all the chaos? Discover HOW and WHY to take one WITHOUT FEELING GUILTY!

* * * * *

DAY 4:
Tired of disciplining the kids all the time... only to result in more meltdowns? Uncover the ONE BIG MISTAKE you might be making and how to CHANGE YOUR APPROACH to discipline so it actually works!

* * * * *

DAY 5:
Wish you had happier kids... and a happier YOU? Learn the KEY INGREDIENT in happy households where your kids WANT TO BE!

* * * * *

In just 5 days, you'll be TRANSFORMED from CRANKY MOM to KINDER, GENTLER, FANTASTICALLY FUNNER MOM... and the whole family will be SO MUCH happier!

(Is "funner" a word? It is today! And did I mention you'll also get a full-color printable poster of 30 FAMILY FUN activities??)


Fantastic Friendship!

A fun parent/child small group Bible study on how to choose good friends and be a good friend.

Based on Scripture from the book of Proverbs, this study includes six lessons on important topics including wisdom, honesty, kindness, and more.

* * * * *

Every mom wants her kids to make good friends. But how do we teach our kids to recognize what a good friend looks like?

Fantastic Friendship! uses object lessons, memory verses, discussion questions and super fun group activities to help kids discern between true friends and frenemies. Download one 32-page booklet and print up to 10 copies for your small group. 


Parenting Backwards

A simple shift in perspective can make you a happier, more effective mom.

Do you ever feel like you're not quite hitting the mark as a mom? Those moments of impatience, frustration, or yelling are becoming a habit you can't seem to break.

Some days you want to hide in the bathtub or fly away to Cabo or smash your daughter's iPod with a poultry mallet. (Yep. Me, too.)

Or maybe, like me, you feel like your kids are growing up so stinking fast, you wonder if you're keeping up. Are you teaching them the right things, saying the right words, modeling the right decisions, and investing today in what matters for tomorrow?

What DOES really matter, anyway?

The answers might surprise you.

Let's explore them together in this special online course, Parenting Backwards.

Parenting Backwards is an original video series that you can watch at your own pace. There are six sessions, between 5 and 15 minutes each, and every session includes helpful printable materials including a session outline for taking notes, discovery questions for digging deeper into the topic or discussing with friends, and insightful worksheets for practicing some of the strategies I'll share in the videos. It's like having a private mentoring session with me—on your own schedule, in your pajamas if you want. I'll never know.

Sessions include:
Monster Mom—How to Stop Yelling, and Create a More Peaceful Home
* * * * *
Look Up—How to Conquer Busyness and Distractions, and Live in the Moment
* * * * *
Mom Guilt—How to Find Peace of Mind by Embracing God's Grace
* * * * *
Walk the Talk—How to Raise Kids Who Love the Lord
* * * * *
Marriage Tips—Why We Need to Remember That Guy Called Dad
* * * * *
Memory Makers—What Is a Happy Childhood Really Made Of?

So let's do the math, shall we?

Really. It's easy. Not like third grade homework.

This one-time special INCLUDES:

Let's All Get Along family Bible study ($19 value)
The 5-Day Cranky Mom Challenge video series
($19 + $9 value BONUS)
Fantastic Friendship! small group Bible study for parents and kids ($29 value)
Parenting Backwards online course ($19 value)

All for only $37 (that's 60% off)!

But it's only available for a limited time, and only through this special offer. So grab yours now!

100% risk-free, 30-day guarantee

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Meet your mom mentor

I’m a writer, speaker, dreamer, believer, lunch packer and family cheerleader. I believe family life is one of God’s greatest tools for building our faith, character, and strength—and it’s not always pretty. Praise Jesus for His grace.

My hubby Chad and I live in northeast Wisconsin with our two lovely daughters, shelves full of slime supplies, and a Morkie named Prophet. He's kind of the boss around here.

I've published three non-fiction Christian books for women: The Cranky Mom Fix, Generous Love, and The SuperMom Myth. I'm also the author behind The Family Devotion Kit on Kirk Cameron's membership site, The Campfire. I've been blogging relentlessly since 2011, managing beautiful little Kopitzkes since 2007, and waking up every day for the last 13 years so darn THANKFUL I'm a mom. It's a beautiful, ordinary, blessed-beyond-measure life. Especially when the kids aren't bickering, amen? ;)

What are moms saying?


Becky is so approachable, relatable and caring. Her knowledge of God's Word is deep and thorough, and she shows you how it applies to your issues, today. Immerse yourself in Becky's godly wisdom and be prepared to be changed by God's love for you!


The hope that has washed over me through your encouragement to be better and vulnerability to say that you've been there has no words. Thank you for helping me with so many facets of my life right now!


People meet Christ through people like you willing to humble yourself and speak about the struggles, the messy stuff we face in life, somehow making them feel they are not alone. I just wanted to thank you for bringing me some hope.

My personal promise to you

Within these materials I will share my personal insights from Scripture and my experience as a parent and women's ministry leader. I hope to be for you the mentor I've been blessed to have in many other wise women throughout my parenting years thus far.

If you're not completely satisfied with the wisdom and guidance provided inside this Bible study, just send me an email ([email protected]) within the first 30 days and I'll return every penny back to you, no questions asked.

Let's bring peace and harmony to YOUR family today!

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