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Write Like a Pro

Transform your writing from blah to brilliant with this comprehensive course for aspiring authors, bloggers, and business communicators.


Find Your Dream Job

Discover the kind of work that makes you eager to get up in the morning, and learn how to land your dream job.


Parenting Backwards

Learn the solution to raising kids with intention, dropping the mom guilt, and building a family legacy.


Chad and Becky who?

I know. We can't spell our last name, either.

Hi there.

We're Chad and Becky Kopitzke (koh-PIT-ski, yada yada), an entrepreneur couple raising two businesses, two children, and one feisty dog from our home in the beautiful Midwest.

We spend a lot of time working hard, thinking big, and eating chips in the carpool line at school. We believe upping your skills, achieving your dreams, and living your best life isn't just possible, but necessary. We'll show you how.


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"I strongly recommend working with Becky on the craft and execution of writing, and you will be a sharper and more fluid writer and creator of content whether it’s for marketing, social media, blogs, or books."

Blythe Daniel
Literary Agent, The Blythe Daniel Agency

"Chad, I wanted to sincerely say thank you for all of your advice, guidance, and insight, which helped me look deep into my strengths and personality to eventually pursue a career in supply chain/logistics. I'm not entirely sure I would have been as strategic in my job search without your guidance, and for that I am truly grateful."

Young Professional

"Becky’s course was exactly what I needed to feel equipped to raise my son and daughter with grace, confidence, and a whole lot of Biblical truths. I recommend Becky’s course to all moms who are looking for some applicable, Biblical-based wisdom from a seasoned mama to support them in their parenting journey!"

Lindsay Ropella

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