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Ready to transform your writing from blah to brilliant?

With this step-by-step course, led by a multi-published author and writing coach, you'll transform your writing in just two weeks!

Hey, writer friend.

Do you struggle to captivate your reader's attention?

* * * * *

Do you REALLY know what words are helping (and hurting) your message? 

* * * * *

How about all that pressure you're under to churn out consistent quality content, capture an audience, transform your readers, AND STILL MANAGE TO SLEEP (or at least feed your children on occasion)?

* * * * *

And that dream you've been harboring in your heart... the one you don't dare speak aloud because it seems so far out there, so imaginary, so impossible. I know. I've been there, too. You want to write and publish a life-changing book... you KNOW you have the idea and the passion and the story... but you don't have a clue where to start.

* * * * *

Truth is, you wonder if you're good enough.

You will be now.


Introducing: Write Like a Pro

A step-by-step course created just for aspiring authors, bloggers, creative copywriters and influencers like YOU to transform your writing from BLAH to BRILLIANT so you can finally CRUSH your writing goals!

* * * * *

Do you wish you could draw your readers in with beautiful, effortless words?
Yet sometimes you pour your heart and soul into an article, email, or devotion, and all you get back is... crickets.
Maybe you've submitted article after article to magazines, blogs, websites... and you keep getting rejected. 
You read that OTHER writer's blog posts or book pages and think... dang. I want to write like that.

No you don't.

You want to write like YOU. The very best version of you.
And THAT kind of writing... YOU, only BETTER... is what will capture a growing audience, grow your reach, secure those guest posts and FINALLY snag that elusive book contract.
You don't need to be somebody else, write like somebody else, have somebody else's audience or someone else's talent. You need yours. TRANSFORMED.

That's what Write Like a Pro will do for you.


What you'll gain from this course:

Grasp your true audience and learn what they REALLY need from you.
* * * * *
Discover your natural voice and HOW TO USE IT so readers will love you and believe what you say.
* * * * *
AVOID certain mistakes that make you look like an amateur (or an English class dropout).
* * * * *
Discern which old-school rules you can BREAK (because sometimes great writing is rebellious).
* * * * *
Learn SECRET RULES the best writers know, which will set your content apart from the competition.
* * * * *
Discover what it's really like to WRITE and PUBLISH A BOOK {it's probably not what you think} and HOW TO DO IT step by step.
* * * * *
FIND TIME to write (and stick to it!) even when life gets hectic.
* * * * *

And lots more!


Whew! Get ready to discover all the professional insight, best practices and secret "insider" advice I have acquired and MASTERED through my 20-year career as a writer, editor, and writing coach.

Only $97!

This introductory price INCLUDES my proprietary NON-FICTION BOOK PROPOSAL TEMPLATE (a $49 value FREE). But it's only available for a limited time, so GRAB it before it's gone!

100% risk-free, 30-day guarantee


Take a peek inside!

15 progressive units packed with insider tips, tricks, and how-to illustrations. Watch on your OWN time, in your jammies, when the kids are asleep or at school and nobody is begging to share your M&Ms. In just 10 to 30 minutes a day, you'll be ready to ROCK the writing world in only TWO WEEKS!

3 hours of video teaching

My one-to-one consult rate is normally $100/hr. In Write Like a Pro, you get THREE HOURS worth of video teaching included!
Dive into a wealth of face time and slideshow lessons packed with insider info you can't get anywhere else, like how you really CAN get a book deal with less than 1,000 Facebook followers, which mistakes are keeping your submissions at the bottom of the pile, ONE WORD that can change the way your audience feels about you, and lots more!

30-page lesson guide

A whole binder's worth of printable handouts for saving notes, referring back to what you learned, and practicing all the juicy tips you're going to discover that will absolutely REVOLUTIONIZE your writing career. Plus loads of helpful digital resources and writing samples so you can see OUTSTANDING writing in action and finally be able to discern what separates BLAH from BRILLIANT.

Bonus! Book Proposal Template

Whaaat?! Get my proprietary NON-FICTION BOOK PROPOSAL TEMPLATE for FREE! {That's a $49 value INCLUDED in the course at no extra cost!} This little gem is over 40 pages of book proposal brilliance... including the ACTUAL proposal content I wrote to snag my second book contract! The best part? All you have to do is fill in the blanks for a WINNING book proposal that is proven to get book deals!

Let's check that math, shall we?


Meet your writing coach

I’m a grammar geek, a literature enthusiast, a marketing buff and a natural encourager. I love working with writers at all levels to help them strengthen their writing skills, hone their message, understand the steps to publishing and develop an air-tight book proposal.

I'm the author of three traditionally published non-fiction books: The Cranky Mom Fix, Generous Love, and The SuperMom Myth. I've been blogging relentlessly since 2011, managing a regular workload of freelance writing projects since 2007, and waking up every day for the last 13 years so dang THANKFUL I'm no longer sitting in a desk 8 to 5 cutting my teeth as a marketing communications specialist and music publishing editor. Writing books and blog posts and helping other writers like you create the kind of life you dream of, well, that's MY dream... and I'm living it. You can, too.

What are my clients saying?

"Becky has proven to have a terrific grasp on how to structure words and thoughts and also engage with readers in her humorous and relevant writing. I strongly recommend working with Becky on the craft and execution of writing, and you will be a sharper and more fluid writer and creator of content."

Blythe Daniel
Literary Agent, The Blythe Daniel Agency

"I cannot tell you how I value your feedback. I would say the one thing I’m most proud of throughout all of this, is that I’ve become a better writer than when I started. I owe a lot of that to you. Thank you for making me better!"

Erika Opperman
Aspiring Author and Women's Ministry Speaker

"Becky breathed life back into my book writing! With her words of wisdom, I'm back on track and excited to get back to work."

Laura Busse
Founder, 3oclockwakeup.com

"Allowing someone to coach you and edit your art can make you feel extremely vulnerable, but when you get to experience that with someone like Becky, it makes you want to open up even more to the process."

Lisa Rae Suppon
Aspiring Author

My personal promise to you

Within this course I will share my personal expertise as a professional writer and multi-published author. I will be for you the mentor I wish I had when I started writing professionally, and especially when I embarked on the book-writing journey.

If you're not completely satisfied with the wisdom and resources provided inside this course, just send me an email ([email protected]) within the first 30 days and I'll return every penny back to you, no questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

Write Like a Pro consists of 14 progressive units that you can complete at your own pace. Just one unit a day means you'll be on the road to BRILLIANT writing in as little as two weeks!

How much time it takes for you will depend on your personal objectives. For example, if you simply want to improve your technical skills, you can complete the related lessons in a few days. However, if your goal is to write a book proposal or book manuscript, you will spend several weeks or months developing your content.

As for the course units, you can skip around if you like; however, I highly recommend starting with Unit 1 and completing each subsequent unit in consecutive order so that you can build on the skills taught from start to finish.

For as long as the course exists. In other words, lifetime access. Your purchase does not expire.

No, enrollment is a one-time payment  for lifetime access. This is an incredible value and intended to make Write Like a Pro accessible to everyone who wants to invest in their skills and career as a writer.

You will have access to all units, including videos, PDF downloads, quizzes and additional content provided within the online platform.

Yes! You have 30 days to email me at [email protected] and request a full refund.

One-on-one coaching is not included in the cost of the course. If you would like personal coaching or help working through the course, contact Becky at [email protected] to discuss individual coaching options.

Truth is, you can't afford not to

You have words to share with the world. But do you know how to write them? How to deliver them? How to find people to read them? Write Like a Pro will teach you everything you need to know to write that book, feed that blog, conquer those email sequences, and FINALLY create a road map to publishing success. Whatever your goals, Write Like a Pro can equip you to succeed. And for a low one-time payment of only $97, this is by far the best deal you'll find in the writing industry today. Click below to get started!


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