Why I ditched Wordpress for Kajabi to build my online course website

Frustrated with all the plugins and techie things? There's a better way. From one online entrepreneur to another... you can DO this. Here's why.

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How does a die-hard Wordpress girl transform overnight into a Kajabi hero? This super informative 37-minute webinar explains all the reasons, step-by-step, that I fell in love with Kajabi for building my online course website, and how YOU can do it, too. (And you do NOT have to be a web designer, programmer, or tech enthusiast!)

  • No more puzzling together a thousand plugins!
  • Beautiful web design for non-designers (no artsy skills needed)
  • All the parts talk to each other, hallelujah! (There's a fancy word for this called "integration" but let's just call it unicorn magic.)
  • Super easy sales pages and checkout functions (and did I mention it's all BUILT IN??)
  • Data, schmata, yada yada (yep, Kajabi handles this)
  • Tech support is ahhhmazing
  • Think it costs a bundle? NOPE! Surprise, surprise!
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No time to watch? No problem! Read the cheater notes.

I get it, your time is precious. Here's a transcription of the video to skim through so you can zero in on the points you REALLY want to know first.

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So what exactly happens when you push that little button there, eh?

Great question! Click the link below and you'll go straight to Kajabi's sign-up page where you can create an account and pay ZERO dollars for the first 14 days. And I'll send you my exclusive EASY BUILD CHECKLIST right away, too!

You can cancel anytime during your 14-day trial and pay nothing, no obligations, no hurt feelings. So really, you've got nothing to lose. Create your trial account right now (plus get the checklist, worth its character count in gold) and start digging around inside the Kajabi happiness. And FINALLY discover just how easy it really is to create a beautiful and functional online course website.

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Check out Kajabi in action

On my online course website, ImpactTheDashAcademy.com

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